Wednesday, July 12, 2023

I just got my new item label!

 yahoo! I just got my new OuiOui series 3 from!1 

can you guess which OuiOui it is? hint: its not the rare ones.

What Is A OuiOui?

Anyways, If you don't know what a OuiOui is, it's an itemLabel product that's the "toddler phase" of a Peepy's (another itemLabel product) life cycle. 

"These juvenile Peepys have arrived just on the precipice of self awareness. So far, they know two things- Eating peanuts and sleeping. Aren't they cute? Whatever." -OuiOui's description via

some fan art I made of LemonOui

My Other OuiOui

I have a LemonOui from when OuiOui Series 1 was in stock, the OuiOui I bought got lost in shipping and it took an extra couple weeks or two to get to my doorstep.

I'm pretty sure that LemonOui was defective? I'm saying that because this new one is a little different than the LemonOui. First of all, my LemonOui's squeaker is lower pitched than my new one. My friend's OuiOuis also have a higher pitched squeaker than my LemonOui.

My New OuiOui!

So my new OuiOui is a WhatOui! (wooooo!) If I'm going to be honest, I really wanted to get a CubeOui, but
WhatOui is really colorful! (I really like it)

 To be honest, all the Series 3 OuiOuis look cool, with the exception of ClayOui (clayoui sucks tbh)

  Also, I heard the the Series 3 secret rare is Professor Item in OuiOui form (officially known as Professor Oui)

That's all from me folks, See ya!


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